OCSlimProject is a CocoaPod for iOS and macOS that lets you create fast, rock-solid, automated Acceptance Tests with Xcode and Fitnesse.

Fitnesse is a powerful and fully integrated standalone wiki and acceptance testing framework. It is designed for ATDD and BDD style software development.

Why use Fitnesse?

"FitNesse is a tool for specifying and verifying application acceptance criteria (requirements). It acts as a bridge between the different stakeholders (disciplines) in a software delivery process. It's wiki server makes it easy to document the software.It's test execution capabilities allow you to verify the documentation against the software, ensuring the documentation remains up to date and the software is not facing regression." - Fitnesse User Guide

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To run the example:


How it Works

OCSlimProject works by creating a seperate target of your app. This 'Acceptance Tests' target is one that contains your apps business logic code (the 'System Under Test') + simple fixtures .

Fixtures are glue code you write in Swift or Obj-C that provide a thin wrapper around your App's business logic. This is the integration point between your App's code and Fitnesse. Think of Fitnesse as an alternative UI for using your App. As such fixtures (just like View Controllers) should be nothing more than very simple classes that delegate calls to and from your business logic code.

Architecture of an Acceptance Testing App compared with a regular App

Fitnesse App Architecture Diagram

Fitnesse communicates with your App using a communications protocol called Slim (Simple List Invocation Method). The work of implementing this protocol is provided via the cslim project which contains an Objective-C implementation written by Erik Myer. When choosing to write fixture with Swift it's required that your fixtures are subclasses of NSObject.

Get Started

OCSlimProject is available to your projects through CocoaPods. It is designed to be integrated through Xcode Templates. These templates encapsulate the work of integrating your App with Fitnesse.

1. Install the Templates

$ git clone https://github.com/paulstringer/OCSlimProjectXcodeTemplates.git
$ cd OCSlimProjectXcodeTemplates
$ make

This adds the Xcode project templates for creating Acceptance Test targets for iOS & macOS. These are installed at ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/Templates/Test.

2. Add an 'Acceptance Tests' Targets to your Project

Creating an 'Acceptance Tests' target is the next step. After following this step your ready to begin writing acceptance tests.

3. Develop rock-solid, blazing fast Acceptance Tests!

You're now ready and setup to begin developing rock-solid, blazing fast, automated Acceptance tests for iOS and macOS apps.

Integration with XCTest

OCSlimProject integrates seamlessly into your development and CI worfklows by supporting XCTest. Run and see reports of your Fitnesse Acceptance Test results right within Xcode or with xcodebuild.


Known Xcode 8 / CI Integration Issue

Due to an abnormally long delay in starting a simulator from a fresh image of Xcode 8 there is a known issue when integrating with CI systems such as Travis. (It can be assumed this likely affects other CI systems that use fresh VM images for each integration.)

** CI System Script **
xcodebuild -workspace <Workspace> -scheme <AcceptanceUnitTestBundleScheme> -destination 'platform=iOS Simulator,name=iPhone 6s' test

The command "set -o pipefail && xcodebuild -workspace <Workspace> -scheme <AcceptanceUnitTestBundleScheme> -destination 'platform=iOS Simulator,name=iPhone 6s' test" exited with 65.

The error reveals itself as a failure when attempting to run only an iOS based 'Acceptance Unit Test Bundles' as seen in this example. Inconclusive investigations seem to point to it being the result of XCTest timing out waiting for the Build Phase responsible for generating the Fitnesse Test Results. This itself is dependant on starting the Simulator. This never completes for some unknown reason.


A workaround is simply to run some other Unit Tests first before running your scheme. Typically this will involve just ensuring your actual Unit Tests have been run first. This seems to prepare the Simulator so that when Fitnesse comes to need it, it's ready.

Check out the Travis Configuration of this project for an example.


The owner of this repository takes no credit for the following included resources (except for the ones credited to the owner). This is a convienient lightweight wrapper either inspired by or using these resources together with some project glue. The aim has been to automate the process of setting up Xcode projects so as to more easily be able to use 'ocslim' and integrate with Fitnesse.


Created by: Robert Martin, Micah Martin & Fitnesse.org contributors.


OCSlim, RunTestsTargetWithSlimPort

Created by: Erik Meyer, Doug Bradbury, 8th Light.




Created by: Phonegap



Created by: Jon Reid


Xcode Project Templates, OCSlimProjectTestBundleSupport, LaunchFitnesse

Created by: Paul Stringer



OCSlimProject is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.